FSHC is an advocacy organization.  If you need assistance locating supportive housing in Florida, please visit our Resources section for contact information for your area.

The Florida Supportive Housing Coalition

Founded in 2001, the Florida Supportive Housing Coalition (FSHC) is a statewide organization dedicated to fostering the development of supportive housing for individuals with special needs including the elderly; veterans; young people aging out of the foster care system; persons with a disability such as persons with addiction disorders or mental illnesses; and individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

By working together with state agencies, our Partners Members and Organization Members, and other stakeholders, FSHC has increased access to supportive housing to individuals with low incomes and with special needs. Through these efforts FSHC is having a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need of short or long term supportive housing while making significant positive changes in the social and economic structures of Florida and local communities.

What We Do

Florida Supportive Housing Coalition provides advocacy and education in order to increase housing opportunities for persons with special needs. Over forty leading Florida organizations, providers and advocates of housing and services to special needs populations have come together as the Florida Supportive Housing Coalition (FSHC).

Since its inception in 2006, FSHC has been dedicated to advocating for public policy and governmental structures that encourage self-sufficiency, housing choice, and community-based opportunities for people with special needs in Florida.  Florida Supportive Housing Coalition emphasizes coalition building through its memberships of  “coalition of coalitions” called Partner Organizations that share common goals related to independent housing solutions. The Coalition also includes supportive housing advocates and organizations serving individuals of different disabilities who confront the same needs for affordable housing and support services.

Florida Supportive Housing Coalition’s educational work includes statewide and local trainings focused on specific needs of providers, small developers, and state and local decision makers.   Our annual Supportive Housing Summit is an opportunity for Florida service providers, supportive housing developers, and others to exchange information, learn national best practices, develop partnerships, discuss policy changes on the federal, regional and state level, and network with peers and policy makers.

In 2018 Florida Supportive Housing Coalition will begin providing technical assistance through community dialogues.  These community dialogues are designed to bring together local supportive housing stakeholders and government officials to learn from successful organizations how to develop the collaborations necessary to develop supportive housing for persons with special needs. For more information contact Karen Koch, Executive Director at karen@fshc.org.

Florida Supportive Housing Coalition Board of Directors


President: Olga Golik, Citrus Health Network, Miami
Vice-President:  Sandra Newson, Carrfour, Miami
Treasurer: Janet Hamer, TD Bank, Central Florida
Secretary:  Dana Farmer, Consultant, Tallahassee


Maria Barcus, President, Housing Partners of Florida
Joy Beaton, Director of Government Relations, Florida Community Loan Fund
David Boyer Esq., Director of Investigations, Disability Rights Florida
Karen Brown, Vice President Housing Services, Meridian Behavioral Healthcare
Melanie Brown-Woofter, Senior Medicaid Policy Director, Florida Council for Community Mental Health
Gail Cordial, Associate Director Government Affairs and Policy, Alkermes, Inc.
John Dow, President & CEO, South Florida Behavioral Health Network
Dana Farmer, Consultant
Mark Fontaine, Executive Director, Florida Behavioral Health Association
Olga Golik, Director of Development, Citrus Health Network
Dr. Thomas Griffin, CEO, The Transition House
Janet Hamer, Vice President, Community Development Manager, TD Bank
Jack Humburg, Director of Housing, Development & ADA Services, Boley Centers, Inc.
Susan Morgan, Project Management and Coordination, Gracepoint
Shannon Nazworth, Executive Director, Ability Housing, Inc
Sandra Newson, Vice President of Residential Services, Carrfour Supportive Housing, Inc.
Mark Wickham, President/CEO, Youth and Family Alternatives
Donna Wyche, Division Manager Mental Health and Homeless, Orange County Families, Health and Human Services Department



Disability Rights Florida
Florida Behavioral Health Association
Florida Council for Community Mental Health


Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc.
Alkermes, Inc.

*No Board Member receives compensation for their service on the Board of Directors.

Contact FSHC  karen@fshc.org