Florida Supportive Housing Coalition’s (FSHC) main mission is advocating to increase affordable housing and housing support services for persons with special needs and experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. We envision a Florida where persons with special needs can live, work, and prosper in their community of choice with the supports they need.

By working together with our corporate and statewide partner members, our organizational members, our local government members, and our individual stakeholders, FSHC has built an organization dedicated to fostering the development of supportive housing for persons with special needs.  Special needs Individuals include elders, veterans, young people exiting foster care, persons with disabilities.  This includes persons with mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders, HIV/Aids, and persons experiencing domestic violence.

Our advocacy activities include an annual shared legislative platform to increase the funding for special needs and homeless housing, and housing for persons with extremely low incomes. Our legislative priorities also include funding requests for housing support services and rental assistance.

All FSHC members receive a copy of our legislative priorities, weekly legislative updates throughout the legislative session, action alerts, and end of session analyses of the budget and passed bills.


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Supportive Housing State Plan

On May 5, 2022, the Florida Supportive Housing Coalition (FSHC) convened the Executive Office of the Governor, nine State Agencies and other key stakeholder organizations to hold a strategic dialogue regarding statewide supportive housing issues. The facilitated meeting explored common purpose, traced the history of Florida’s supportive housing policy and examined how best to:

  • Increase production of housing units for special needs populations;
  • Improve access, coordination and funding for supportive services;
  • Create data-driven solutions across multiple State Agencies and systems of care.

The meeting was so successful the Executive Office of the Governor proposed developing a Supportive Housing State Plan. The Florida Housing Finance Corporation will be the lead state entity coordinating this collaborate effort to develop the Plan. See the May 5th Policy Day Report.

Advocates should stay tuned and involved in this process with the Florida Supportive Housing Coalition