Florida Supportive Housing Coalition (FSHC) members are at the forefront of developing policies and initiatives that increase access to supportive housing for persons with special needs or individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Members are committed to working together to increase affordable housing, support services, and housing assistance to Florida’s most vulnerable citizens.

As supportive housing cost- offset research expands and the acceptance of supportive housing as a best practice, FSHC’s membership is expanding across the multiple public and private systems supportive housing impacts. Our membership is growing to reflect the connection between supportive housing and its effect on the health care and criminal justice system, and its value to local governments. 

With your help and the help of health and behavioral care organizations, local governments, developers, lenders, service providers, and advocacy groups we can make a difference. We believe only by working together can we expand access to affordable housing and the integrated support services to meet Florida’s unmet need. Although persons with special needs or experiencing homelessness make up 24% of the affordable housing need, the availability of supportive housing is less than 4%. 

If you share our mission and would like to be part of increasing access to quality supportive housing please consider joining. Florida Supportive Housing Coalition is the only organization completely focused on expanding affordable housing for persons with extremely low incomes, and supportive housing for persons with special needs and individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Check out your benefits and join today.