Florida Supportive Housing Coalition Leadership

Stephanie Sutton

Executive Director
Stephanie graduated from the University of Tampa in 1995 and has been a resident of Tallahassee, Florida ever since. Her 28-year career spans government relations, policy, fundraising, advocacy and stakeholder collaboration. In 2018, she accepted the position of External Affairs Director at the Florida Housing Finance Corporation where she quickly fell in love with the work because of the impact on people's everyday lives. Being able to provide affordable/attainable/supportive housing to Floridians in need is a rewarding, heartfelt passion now. She is thrilled to continue working in the area of affordable housing and hopes to make an impact with the Florida Supportive Housing Coalition. _

Board of Directors

Sandra Newson


Susan Morgan

Vice President

Janet Hamer

Hamer Consulting

Audrey Aradanas

Miami Homes for All

Maria Barcus

Housing Partner, Inc

Melanie Brown-Woofter

Florida Behavioral Health Association

Gayle Giese

Florida Mental Health Advocacy Coalition

Jill Gran-Puckett


Jack Humburg

Boley Centers, Inc.

Natalie Kelly

Florida Association of Managing Entities

Alexander Lasa

Lived Experience

Chuck Melendi

Johnson and Johnson

Shannon Nazworth

Ability Housing, Inc.

Leeanne Sacino

Florida Association to End Homelessness

Janet Stringfellow

Volunteers of America-Florida

Donna Wyche

Orange County Community and Family Services Department

Olga Golik

Citrus Health Network